A vision of hope from the book of revelation

The last book of the Bible ‘Revelation’ is an unveiling, like the pulling back of a curtain, of a different reality. This revealed reality colourfully depicted by the author John, reassures those who hear the words of the letter that there is an unwavering hope in Jesus! Jesus is in and amongst his church in the thick of struggles, trials and hardships. Jesus sees all that goes on and he’s right there with them. Even when struggles and trials seem to be closing in, the book of Revelation reveals to us with no uncertainty and without question that the victory belongs to Jesus! As we embark on this series our prayer is that the hope brought about by the victory of Jesus will indeed be both unveiled and experienced and as we journey through Revelation!

Series Talks

Sep 15

Hope Unveiled: Series Introduction

Sep 22

Hope Unveiled in the churches (Pt.1)

Sep 29

Hope Unveiled in the churches (Pt.2)

Oct 13

Hope Unveiled in heaven… and earth!

Oct 27

Hope Unveiled in the state of mankind

Nov 3

Hope Unveiled in judgement

Nov 10

Hope Unveiled in the cosmic battle

Nov 24

Hope Unveiled in victory

Dec 1

Hope Unveiled in restoration

Dec 15

Hope Unveiled in the return of the King


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